Installing Items in Your Home

You have worked your way through the initial preparation and planning stages for your design project. Fabrics, furniture, and fixtures have been chosen and ordered. Now it is time for those items to be installed. How does this process work?

Outdoor Living: The Best Bang for Your Buck

With the arrival of spring, we are all feeling a need to be outdoors. One of the easiest ways to enjoy the great outdoors is to extend your living space beyond the walls of your home. It only takes a bit of inspiration to refresh your outdoor space for the warmer months to come. Here are some recommendations to get the most out of outdoor living:

TMD from Coast to Coast (and Beyond)

We have exciting news at Tracy Morris Design … we are expanding! From the Hamptons to San Diego, Puerto Rico to Dallas, we are partnering with clients to see their home design dreams come true.

Furniture Lead Times: Why Does it Take So Long?

In October, I wrote an article about the many benefits of purchasing items with the help of an interior designer. The benefits are numerous and include wholesale prices, a wider variety of options (including size, color, fabrics, and style), and delivery directly to the designer.

Paint 101: Choosing the Correct Interior Paint Color and Finish

One of my favorite components of design is the selection and use of color. The use of color in a home is a direct reflection of the homeowner’s personality.

Dreaming of Your Vacation Home

Are you considering buying a luxury vacation property in 2019? You are not alone; according to a recent article in Forbes, 2019 may be the year to invest in a luxury vacation home.