Color Schemes for Your Home

Establishing a color scheme can be a great way to tie your home together and create a flow from room to room without feeling too bland or uninspiring. While picking a color scheme for your whole house might sound daunting, keep reading for six tips on creating this cohesive look.

A Guide to Your Basement Remodel

If you need a change and want to maximize that coveted square footage, undergoing a basement remodel is a great project. Renovating a basement can provide a high return on investment and is one of the most customizable home improvement projects.

Creating Cozy Spaces in Your Home

Creating a comfortable and cozy environment in your home can be easier than you think. As the weather gets cooler, curating a snug and inviting ambiance can be accomplished with just a few steps. Keep reading for seven ways to make your home more comfortable and homey.

Kitchen & Bath Design Trends for 2023

Some of the most important rooms in our homes are the kitchen and bathroom, where every design element—including the layout, cabinetry, and tiles—must work together to produce maximum functionality to keep up with our demanding needs.

TMD’s Tips for an Organized Pantry

It takes a lot of effort to keep a pantry clean, especially when it comes time to restock. But, having a well-organized pantry can make all the difference in keeping it tidy—and helping it stay that way.

Designing a Beautiful & Functional Entryway

A well-designed entryway is the perfect transition from outside to indoors and works to welcome guests into your home. Entryways are also the first look at your home and introduce the style of your home to your guest.

Autumn Design Trends

Autumn is right around the corner, so now is a perfect time to begin transitioning your home from summer to fall. Here are some of the top 2022 autumn design trends that we are watching this season.

Choosing the Right Dining Room Chandelier

Your dining room chandelier can add instant elegance and shine to a room while also accentuating your style. Choosing the correct fixture is especially important because it influences the mood and ambiance of your space.

Things to Consider When Choosing Tile

It can be challenging to know where to begin when choosing tile for the interior of your home. Tile has always been an essential design element, with specific designs such as Moroccan zellige dating back to the 10th century. To simplify matters, consider the following.


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