Designing Your Pool House

One way to enjoy outdoor living more is by installing a pool and pool house. A custom pool house can add sophistication and functional space to your backyard.

Designing the Perfect Guest Room

When designing a guest bedroom, I like to think about what I have enjoyed when staying at luxury hotels. Here are some things to consider when designing the perfect guest bedroom.

Creative Storage Solutions

Numerous studies have shown what busy families already know; clutter in your home can make it increasingly difficult to focus on tasks. Creating easy storage solutions can help manage stress and give a better sense of control over your day-to-day life

What Does Your Front Door Say About Your Home?

What feeling does your front door evoke as you approach your home? Is it welcoming, calming, or does it just need a fresh coat of paint? Regardless of your current front door situation, you can always transform your entrance into something that welcomes your home.

Selecting Material for Your Fireplace

One of the more popular amenities in a custom-built home is a beautiful fireplace. According to a study by the National Association of Realtors, a fireplace can add up to 12 percent to a home’s final value. And while a fireplace adds value to a home, it has many other positive impacts.

Kitchen Trends for 2022

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where everyday life and entertaining friends and family converge. As the restrictions from the pandemic continue to lift, research reveals that seven out of ten Americans will continue to enjoy cooking and eating more meals at home.

New Year, New Home

Happy 2022! In the spirit of new beginnings, here are some easy projects you can tackle to give your home a refresh.

Heating Choices for a New Home

The interior design of a home impacts the type of heating system that is best for the house. This article provides a general outline of different types of heating a homeowner may choose from.

Design Trend: Mixing Metals

Whether you are mixing chrome, nickel, bronze, or brass, I say go for it! Layering these materials can make an ordinary space feel more luxurious. First, however, there are some basic guidelines to follow when mixing metals.

Color Schemes for Dark Spaces

We all have that space in our homes; a dark room that seems nearly impossible to design. However, with a few simple suggestions, the dark space can come to life.


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